About my work at Lagersmit

I'm working at Lagersmit since 2018. I'm responsible for the social media channels, advertising and performance of this website. My ultimate goal? To create a valuable digital experience for our (potential) customers.

Why I like to work at Lagersmit

  • Traveling distance, just 10 minutes by bike
  • I get the space to develop my growth and ambitions, recently completed the post-master's program Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership
  • An open organization that values ​​initiative
  • Excellent working conditions

What I do after work

I really like to clear my mind with a workout at the gym or racing bike. Besides that, I'm very interested in all kinds of sports and the latest (digital marketing) news. I also like to grab a beer with friends during the weekend and travel around the world.


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About Lagersmit

Lagersmit has been based in the Netherlands since 1856 and has one mission: to deliver Peace of Mind with the best sealing solutions for ships, pumps and tidal turbines.

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