Ballast Water Management

Due to the accession of Qatar the total number of contracting states to the treaty has reached 68, which represents 75 % of the global fleet by tonnage. The convention entered into force on 8 September 2017.

About the Ballast Water Management

The treaty requires for ballast water to be treated before it’s released. All ships in international trade have to manage their ballast water according to an approved ballast water management plan, carry a ballast water record book and an international ballast water management certificate. The standards will be phased in over a period of time. Until then ships should exchange ballast water mid-ocean. Eventually most ships need to install a ballast water treatment system which is approved by national authorities, according to a process developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Going into drydock? You might want to consider these other green solutions too!

When you are going into dry dock for a new ballast water treatment system, you might want to consider other solutions making you compliant to the Vessel General Permit and Port State Control as well. Take a look at our sealing solutions!

Video Supreme Ventus

Supreme Ventus (VGP compliant)

The Supreme Ventus airtype seal is the seal that guarantees zero oil-emissions, an absolute minimum of wear and enables you to check the condition of the seal. The new Supreme Ventus uses a vacuum to dispose the leakage and has pressure compensation for every draught. This air flow decreases clogging in the drain pipe. The seal is self-learning and adapts to the amount of leakage.

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Supreme Ventus Thruster (VGP compliant)

The Supreme Ventus Thruster is especially developed for thruster systems that function at great (varying) depths. It works according to the Supreme Ventus principle and guarantees zero-emissions of oil, a minimum of wear and its condition can be checked at any time from the engine room.

The seal has been approved by DNV GL to be in line with the Vessel General Permit.

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Video Supreme Ventus for Thrusters

Video Oil Collector Ring

The Oil Collector Ring (Port State Control)

Do you prefer a clean engine room? The Oil Collector Ring prevents oil droplets or mist from the stern tube and forward seal entering the engine room.

The OCR captures this kind of oil emission which entails several benefits:

  • A clean engine room
  • Prevents a slippery floor and the risks of accidents
  • Reduces fire risks
  • Fewer issues with Port State Control which no longer accepts this type of pollution

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Supreme Athmos (VGP compliant)

The Supreme Athmos is designed for ships with a limited draught (up to five meters), ensures zero-emissions of oil to the environment and provides a safe operation by preventing water entering into the system. If you have a yacht, inland vessel or a ferry the Supreme Athmos is the right sealing solution for your vessel.

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