Lagersmit expands its sealing service presence to North America, Central America and the Caribbean

Sabrina Peters

Delivering Peace of Mind with the best seals, services and spare parts, wherever and whenever in the world. That’s the main focus of Lagersmit. Therefore Lagersmit announced Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) as its exclusive U.S.-based service agent. SGS is a premier underwater repair, maintenance and marine solutions provider for the global marine industry


“With this collaboration SGS is able to deliver high-end service to Lagersmit customers in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. SGS was the obvious choice to be our service agent in the region because it has professionally trained divers and technicians to carry out repairs previously possible only out of the water,” explains Michel Chiel, Service Manager at Lagersmit. “Their main support will be on regular maintenance and in addition Subsea Global Solutions makes it possible to run underwater service on Lagersmit seals.”


Subsea Global Solutions has professionally trained diver and technicians to carry out repairs previously possible only out of the water. Bonding new seal rings, removal or installation of spacer rings, and even complete replacements can be performed at anchor or during cargo handling operations without interference with the vessel’s schedule.

About SubSea Global Solutions

Subsea Global Solutions is the globally formed corporation consisting of the assets and personnel of SGS US East Coast LLC, SGS US West Coast LLC and SGS Caribbean NV. With a dedicated staff situated globally, Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the methods of repair for ships and advanced the methodology used in underwater Marine Construction. After a decade of unprecedented productive growth, Subsea Global Solutions companies are solidly positioned to present their unique and revolutionary methods for underwater ship repair and husbandry to customers under a single global banner and brand. Visit

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