The importance of a clean engine room

Eric De Paauw

The majority of ship owners are well aware that the rules and regulations concerning oil leaks into the environment are becoming increasingly stricter. But did you know that a clean engine room is also becoming more and more important? One of the bodies that currently monitors this is Port State Control.

The roll of a seal

A seal can be the source of oil in the engine room. To function effectively, a seal consumes a certain amount of oil. This (normal) oil consumption ensures that the lip seals do not become dry, thereby preventing any burning, but this may cause a small amount of oil vapour. The rotating shaft causes this oil vapour to be propelled into the engine room, resulting in:

  • A slippery floor, thereby increasing the risk of accidents
  • A higher risk of fire in the engine room as the oil is absorbed by the materials
  • Problems with Port State Control, as they will no longer tolerate these tiny leaks.


This is why it is recommended to collect and store the oil consumption of a seal so that the engine room remains clean and the above-mentioned disadvantages are prevented.

A suitable solution: Oil Collector Ring

The Supreme Oil Collector Ring (OCR) offers extra safety against oil leakage in the engine room. The OCR prevents oil droplets or mist from the stern tube and the forward seal entering the engine room.


  • Contributes to a clean engine room
  • Prevents a slippery floor and the risks of accidents
  • Reduces fire risks
  • Fewer issues with Port State Control, which no longer accepts this type of pollution

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