Real story: A retrofit to our Supreme Ventus® air-type seal

A few weeks ago we wrote about a retrofit success story from the Greek company Venturi Fleet Management SA. This company operates in US waters and they needed to make their ships Vessel General Permit (VGP) compliant. This was reason enough to retrofit to one of our sealing solutions and they are very satisfied with this decision.

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Minerva Marine’s motivation to retrofit

This story is about a retrofit job contracted by one of the largest shipping companies in Greece: Minerva Marine Inc. This company used to apply conventional stern tube seals incorporating EALs for meeting the VGP requirements. Minerva Marine Inc. wasn’t satisfied with these sealing solutions anymore due to the long term performance and efficiency. Another motivation for a new sealing solution is that Minerva Marine Inc. needed to comply with the demands from harbours. Zero-emissions stern tube seals were not simply desired, but a requirement. Addressing the issues decisively from both engineering and financial perspectives Minerva Marine Inc. initiated a project for retrofitting conventional seals to the Supreme SeaGuard Ventus® air-type seal.

VGP: a recap

The VGP intends to reduce the environmental impact of oily lubricant discharges to the ecosystem. This regulation indicates that the specified vessels should use EALs unless this is deemed technical infeasible.

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Timeframe: Order confirmation until commissioning new seal

Minerva Marine Inc. started researching several air-type seals, including the Supreme Ventus. The organisation compared the advantages of this sealing solution with features of other air-type seals. After extensive research Minerva Marine Inc. made the decision to retrofit their current seals to our Supreme Ventus, starting with the MR size carrier MT Minerva Mediterranea. The company is known for its thorough examinations before they implement something new within the company and its attitude towards the Supreme Ventus is very positive.

„Based on a thorough assessment the Supreme (Seaguard) Ventus appears to outperform competitors’ air seal solutions due to its unique design characteristics, i.e. simplicity and reliability.”

Andreas G. AsimakopoulosHead of Technical Support – Minerva Marine Inc.

Given the limited time upon order confirmation until retrofit commissioning – roughly a month – we managed to excel and deliver a factory tested and class approved system on time. Together with the Technical Engineer of our agent UMAR – WSR we managed to respond in a solid manner, collaborated smoothly and ensured a successful commissioning of the system. Minerva Marine Inc. deeply appreciated the commitment, team spirit and eagerness to resolve issues timely and thoroughly during the installation.

Why Minerva Marine chose our air-type seal

The Supreme Ventus guarantees zero-emissions of oil and ensures that whenever a leakage situation starts developing an advance warning will be signaled. The simple, reliable concept with Low Cost of Ownership also convinced Minerva Marine Inc. For extra protection of the seal the company decided to include several options, such as a dirt barrier, a wire winder, a distance ring, net cutters and cathodic protection.

An equally important benefit to mention is that Lagersmit guarantees a warranty of 5 years. On top of this, the low OPEX of the Supreme Ventus system cannot be disregarded which is a crucial add-on.”

How the Supreme Ventus works

The Supreme Ventus is an air-type seal that guarantees zero-emissions of oil, an absolute minimum of wear and enables you to check the condition of the seal. The Supreme Ventus works with a constant air flow that creates an air barrier between the oil and the water-repellent lip seals. This makes the seal VGP compliant, and ship owners can still use mineral oils.


Meet Mr Jan Willem Bongers and Mr Vincent van der Heiden at the booth of UMAR-WSR (4.125) during Posidonia and we will tell you all about the features of this seal and you can watch the actual seal work on the stand!

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Mr Jan Willem Bongers

Mr Vincent van der Heiden