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Energy Seals

Energy is the driving force behind our entire existence. Electricity is an indispensable source of energy. We use electricity in all aspects of our daily lives. It drives generators and cools down systems. We use cooling-water pumps to do this and the seals in those pumps have a crucial role. Our seals are perfect for this task.


From coal-fired power plants to oil-powered plants and from nuclear power plants to biomass plants, every system needs to be cooled. Cooling-water pumps have a crucial role here. Our Liquidyne® seals have been perfected for these applications.

In a power plant, it is crucially important to be able to rely on your systems, including the cooling-water system. Without a proper cooling process, the power plant would stop running. The Liquidyne is a reliable, predictable and cost-effective seal. Interested?

Why Lagersmit

The Liquidyne seals are so robust and long-lasting that they are also used in the energy sector. Lip seal technology has proven to be extremely suitable as a seal. No more leaking gland packing. No more mechanical seals that suddenly stop working. It is time to start using the Liquidyne Lip Seal. Our Condition Monitoring system means that you know exactly how your seal is performing.

More Information

The Liquidyne product sheet provides you with an overview of all Liquidyne solutions. Download it and see which Liquidyne fits your application.

Are you aware of the importance and added value of efficient cooling-water pumps and seals in your power plant? We can help you to decide which seal to use.



“Regarding choosing the best seal for our application, Lagersmit supported us very well.”

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“There was a very positive interaction between our company and Lagersmit during our cooperation. Thank you for this customer experience.”

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