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Lagersmit has been based in the Netherlands since 1856 and has one mission: to deliver Peace of Mind with the best sealing solutions for ships, pumps and tidal turbines. Examples of applications include seals for ship’s propulsion shafts, thrusters, gearboxes, tidal turbines and pump shafts. From its high-tech production location in Alblasserdam, Lagersmit serves the worldwide maritime, dredging, tidal energy, water management and industrial markets with high-quality sealing solutions. The company’s network of offices, agents and service stations covers the entire world.



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Supreme Ventus®

The Supreme Ventus is an intelligent, durable and self-regulating sealing solution that guarantees zero emissions of oil for seagoing vessels. It has a constant air flow which prevents an oil-to-water interface and drains any leakage into a monitoring tank. You avoid the use of expensive bio-oils and can keep sailing in American waters with mineral oils.

  • avoid the use of expensive bio-oils
  • complies with the VGP and VIDA regulations
  • 24/7 condition monitoring
  • zero emissions of oil
  • low Cost of Ownership
  • five-year warranty (ask for details)
  • applicable to all types of draught

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