How pre-inspection before a retrofit job reduces your docking period

If you decide to retrofit your ship, you want the job to be done as soon as possible. After all, every day your ship is in dry dock costs you a great deal of money. Lagersmit is aware of this and wants to help you making your retrofit a success, so you can focus on your core business. To deliver you Peace of Mind, we continuously optimise our processes and services. Read this blog to find out how we make your retrofit successful and how we keep your vessel(s) going!

Planning is half the work

When a retrofit job takes place, correct preparation and planning are necessary. Experience shows that in some cases proper planning can result in cost savings up to 30%.

The possibility to pre-inspect your ship

To make your docking period during a retrofit as short as possible, we can also pre-inspect your ship. In this case, our service engineer visits a vessel before the seal is delivered and decides beforehand where all the parts – for example the Air Control Unit (ACU) – need to be installed. For this activity the ship doesn’t have to be in dry dock, but can take place for example during ship handling. This means that a part of the scope of work is already determined and can be executed before dry dock.

The benefits of pre-inspection for ship owners

  • There is a saving of installation costs.
  • The scope of work can be determined and executed before docking.
  • The dry docking period can be shortened.
  • In case of an installation of the Supreme Ventus®, fewer activities will take place while the ship is in dry dock. After all, we have already determined beforehand where the parts need to be installed.

What Lagersmit can do for you

Not satisfied with your current stern tube seal, and looking for a new sealing solution? Go to our retrofit page to find out what we can do for you and how we deliver you Peace of Mind!

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