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A sealing solution for your pump helping your organisation towards Industry 4.0? Our Liquidyne® pump shaft seal is the upgrade for gland packing and the alternative for a mechanical seal. The Liquidyne can monitor the condition of the seal in a distance, predict the lifecycle of the seal and prevent sudden pump failure.

With the Liquidyne you can:

  • monitor the condition of the seal in a distance,
  • predict the lifecycle of the seal and
  • prevent sudden pump failure.


In industry, the Liquidyne can be found in:

  • Cooling-water pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Firefighting pumps
  • Slurry pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Process pumps

Because its service life can be monitored, the Liquidyne increases the reliability of your process. This helps you to achieve the maximum maintenance interval, which reduces your total costs.

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The most important thing for you as a petrochemical company is that your process keeps running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cooling water process is one of the main support processes. Your cooling-water pumps must always be running. So it is very important to know exactly where you stand. The Condition Monitoring function in our Liquidyne seal makes it the perfect solution.

In a power plant, it is crucially important to be able to rely on your systems, including the cooling-water system. Without a proper cooling process, the power plant would stop running. The Liquidyne is a reliable, predictable and cost-effective seal. Interested?

Seals Liquidyne Pump Manafacturer Lagersmit

As a pump manufacturer, you want a seal that seamlessly matches the performances of the pump in its totality. You want your pumps to be reliable and predictable, because you know that this is what your customers are looking for. You want a supplier you can trust, precisely at those times when you need service and support.

Why Lagersmit?

Our company was founded in 1856 and we have been focusing on sealing solutions since the 1960s. To this day, Lagersmit is serving a vast group of customers consisting of suppliers of propulsion systems, ship-owners, shipyards, dredging companies, pump manufacturers, refineries and power plants. We have supplied all of these markets with a total of over 40,000 seals. The Liquidyne was originally developed in the 80s for the dredging industry, where the seal is exposed to the most extreme conditions. Used in (cooling) water pumps, this robust seal design has an extremely long service life. And you can even monitor that service life so that you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

More information

The Liquidyne product sheets provides you with a complete overview of all Liquidyne types.

Do you operate in the industrial sector and would you like to know more about what the Liquidyne can mean for your applications? Reach our expert!


These references already rely on Liquidyne.  Are you the next customer that we can welcome?

“Regarding choosing the best seal for our application, Lagersmit supported us very well.”

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“The Liquidyne seal is robust and can stand a good deal. The big advantage is that the extent to which a seal is worn down is measurable. This enables us to better plan maintenance and coordinate these activities with production.”

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“Thanks to the robustness of the Liquidyne seal, we hardly need to contact Lagersmit. However, if we do need to call them, we can rely on dedicated and solution-oriented people that will help us to take the right action. This works brilliantly.”

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