• Predictable lifetime
  • Energy savings
  • Safe workplace
  • Easy to maintain

Released in 1983, the water-lubricated Liquidyne pump shaft seal was initially intended for heavy-duty dredge pumps. Thanks to its robust design, the seal can handle above-average axial and radial play. It is suitable for pumps that have to deal with severe shocks and vibrations, incorrect alignment and abrasive media. The Liquidyne increases the pump’s lifetime and leads to a longer mean time between maintenance (MTBM) thanks to its robustness. Condition monitoring adds predictability and makes your operation more secure.

How it works

The (water) lubricated lip seals run over a partially grooved bush placed over the pump shaft. The helical shape of the grooves and peripheral velocity of the bush create water flow between the grooves and the lip seal.


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Liquidyne® 3-Stage WA

Targeted design for dredging and slurry pumps

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Liquidyne® 2-Stage

Standard design for pumps that process relatively clean media

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Liquidyne® LDS

Specially designed for pumps that process polluted and aggressive media

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Condition monitoring explained with the predictable lifetime of maintenance

Predictable lifetime

One of the main benefits of the Liquidyne is that the condition monitoring function is not just to simply monitor the condition of the seal, but it also creates a predictable lifetime. How? Over time, the grooves on the bush gradually wear down. Less water is transported over the bush and the amount of water leaving the drain decreases. When the drain flow is at 20% of the initial flow, maintenance needs to be planned.


By keeping track of this drain flow you can plan maintenance more efficiently, minimising the risk of sudden pump failure, optimise mean time between maintenance and reduce costs.

Liquidyne vs gland packing

Summarised top advantages of the Liquidyne compared to gland packing:

  • Condition monitoring ensures you can plan maintenance efficiently, optimise MTBM, reduce costs and minimise the risk of sudden pump failure.
  • Less friction and minimised heat development gives energy savings.
  • The floor is kept dry for a safer workplace, and no adjustments are required during operation.
  • Maintenance is easy as no other tasks are required besides condition monitoring.

Liquidyne vs mechanical seal

  • Predictable lifetime: condition monitoring minimises the risk of sudden pump failure
  • Cost of ownership is optimised thanks to energy savings and easy maintenance
  • The Liquidyne has a robust seal design, making it virtually non-sensitive for abrasive media
Liquidyne pump shaft seal installed at pump


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