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Why use Liquidyne® pump shaft seals?

Because you want a seal you can rely on. No more dredge or cooling-water pumps that bring the operation to a standstill because a seal fails. It is time to start using a totally different seal. A seal based on Condition Monitoring. It is time for Liquidyne.

The water lubricated Liquidyne seal was initially developed for heavy duty dredge pumps. To date, the Liquidyne is successfully installed at dredge pumps, cooling-water pumps, booster pumps, slurry pumps and many other applications.

The Liquidyne advantage comprises

  • Condition Monitoring
    • Predicts remaining seal life
    • Optimises maintenance intervals
    • Prevents sudden pump failure
  • Energy efficiency
    • Because of the unique water lubricated seal technology
  • Low Cost of Ownership
    • Due to the unique Condition Monitoring and energy efficiency

Would you like to have the Liquidyne types in one overview?

Download Liquidyne Product Sheet

New Liquidyne seal

The grooved bush after 10 years, still looking great.

“We installed the first Liquidyne 10 years ago as replacement for gland packing on our cooling water pump. A very simple and proven reliable design, that we have applied on many cooling water pumps!” – Sabic

How Liquidyne seals work

Liquidyne shaft seals may consist of four types of modules, fulfilling (1) a sealing, (2) a pressure reducing, (3) a dirt retaining and (4) a vacuum function. What makes the Liquidyne special is the condition monitoring function. This function works through the water lubrication.

The water lubricated Liquidyne lip seals run over a partially grooved bush placed over the pump shaft. The helical shape of the grooves and the peripheral velocity of the bush create water flow between the grooves and the lip seal.

Over time, the grooves on the bush gradually wear down. Less water is transported over the bush and the amount of water leaving the drain decreases. When the drain flow is at 20% of the initial flow, maintenance is required. By plotting this decrease in drain flow, you can plan maintenance more efficiently, optimize Mean Time Between Maintenance, reduce costs and prevent sudden pump failure.

Video Liquidyne LDS

Video Liquidyne 3-stage WA

The seal matching your application

There are five general Liquidyne designs.

Liquidyne 2-Stage
Does the pump (cooling) water contain little or small abrasive particles?

The Liquidyne 2-Stage is designed for such applications >

Liquidyne 3-stage (WA)
Does the pumps (cooling) water contain much or big abrasive particles? Is the pump a dredge, sludge or slurry pump?

The Liquidyne 3-Stage (WA) is the designed for these applications >

Liquidyne 3-Stage Vacuum
Does the (vertical) cooling pumps utilize a vacuum to fill the pump?

The Liquidyne 3-Stage Vacuum is built for this >

Liquidyne LDS
Does the pump’s stuffing box pressure reach below atmospheric level? Or does the gland run dry when starting up?

The Liquidyne LDS is developed for such applications >

Liquidyne Special Execution
Does the pump has another (special) application?

The Liquidyne Special Execution is a customized solution >

Our Liquidyne experts

Did you find the seal you were looking for? Or do you have a special application and specific requirements? Contact me, I am happy to help.

Eric de Paauw

Eric de Paauw

Jan Willem Bongers

Jan Willem Bongers



“Thanks to the robustness of the Liquidyne seal, we hardly need to contact Lagersmit. However, if we do need to call them, we can rely on dedicated and solution-oriented people that will help us to take the right action. This works brilliantly.”

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Jan de Nul

“We value the Liquidyne seal for it’s reliability, which helps us to maximise the availability of our equipment.”

Jan de Nulvisit website

“Regarding choosing the best seal for our application, Lagersmit supported us very well.”

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“Why I like to work with Lagersmit? Because of the good products and excellent service delivery. In addition, for years I can count on a market rate so that your costs remain under control. With other maritime service providers I sometimes had surprises in that area.”