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Maritime Seals

No country in the world is as involved with water as the Netherlands does. From time immemorial, the Dutch have been sailing the seven seas, building embankments, reclaiming land, digging canals and building bridges. Added to that, shipbuilding is in our blood. Lagersmit has been specializing in seals for many years delivering over 40,000 seals. Dutch high quality maritime seals, made in Holland.

Use of seals in propulsion mechanisms

Vessels must sail. Propulsion systems convey ships all over the world. Supreme® seals effectively and efficiently keep the lubricants inside and the water outside of your vessel. From a simple basic seal to an advanced seal that helps achieve zero emissions. The latter is important because of the strict VGP requirements. Our stern tube shaft seals are used in:

  • Conventional shaft line
  • Azimuth Thrusters
  • Bow Thrusters
  • Stabilisers

As a manufacturer of drive systems, you want to supply a propulsion system with a top performance. You know more than anyone how important it is that all the components are of the highest quality and are perfectly attuned to each other. That is why Lagersmit delivers its Supreme seal which adds to the quality and reliability of our propulsion system. Supreme seals are suitable for both new build and retrofit applications. Not to mention our spare parts and excellent service.

As a shipping company you want your vessels to keep sailing 24/7 around the world. With the new laws and regulations such as the Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) and the VGP, you now need to start looking at seals with zero emissions and bio degradable oils. We offer various sealing solutions complying to various regulations.  We have commited 24/7 support and can send an expert to your location within 48 hours when you are in need. In addition our Supreme seals are suitable for both new build and retrofit applications. In a nutshell, we deliver you Peace of Mind.

As a shipyard, you want to serve your customers as effectively as possible. That means that you know which propeller shaft seal is the best match for your propulsion system. Fast delivery times are an absolute must. We are very aware of this and have adapted our processes accordingly. We can also offer you sealing solutions with the best value for money and 24/7 dedicated technical support.

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Thanks to timely and regular maintenance, your seal will continue to perform to the highest level
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Why Lagersmit

Lagersmit has been active in the shipbuilding branch since 1856. We began specializing in seals after we introduced the successful Sublime seal, which we later developed into the Supreme seal. Did you know that Lagersmit has now supplied more than 40,000 propeller shaft seals to the shipping industry? And large manufacturers of propulsion systems & shipping companies, such as Rolls Royce and Maersk, rely on our propeller shaft seals? We distinguish ourselves with short communication lines and Dutch high quality maritime seals, made in Holland.

More Information

Our product sheet clearly describes who we are and gives an overview of the different Supreme types.

Would you like to know more about the possible maritime applications? Contact our experts for a quote or for more information!


The following customers rely on the Supreme:


“The Supreme shaft seal is a high quality shaft seal for demanding purposes. Lagersmit has skillful personnel and the organization is very customer friendly. We get a quick response if we place an inquiry and we get fast and flexible deliveries. They’re always ready and willing to do their best to serve their customers.”

Rolls-Roycevisit website
Maersk Ship Management

“Our motivation to choose Supreme is obvious. Improvement in design for long-term trouble-free operations.”

Maersk Ship Managementvisit website
CAT Propulsion

“The Supreme seals is one of the best shaft seals available in the market. We have a good cooperation with Lagersmit. The team is easy to work with and you always get a fast response when parts and technical support are needed.”

CAT Propulsionvisit website