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The Supreme Ventus is an air-type seal that already has found its place in the maritime industry. It is applied on several stern tubes and thrusters for, for example, tankers and dredgers. However, here at Lagersmit we always aim for the best and we are always looking for ways to innovate our sealing solutions. This, along with noticed improvement points of the seal, has led to a newer, smarter and self-learning Supreme Ventus. The launch will take place at Europort, but in this blog you can already find information about our new, improved seal!


  • The Supreme Ventus is a seal where no water-to-oil interface exists;
  • With one compact digital and fully self-regulatory control unit;
  • The possibility of using mineral oils, while be in compliance with VGP;
  • Leakage of water and/or oil is collected in the transparent drain tank which can easily be accessed
  •  The compact Supreme Ventus valve matches inside seal pressure with the outside water pressure to minimize wear.

About the new Supreme Ventus

The new Supreme Ventus works with a constant air flow that creates an air barrier between the oil and the water-repellent lip seals. The air flow transports any leakage of the seal straight to the transparent drain tank inside the air control unit which can easily be accessed. Draining occurs periodically; in the interval period the air consumption is low resulting in an overall lower air consumption compared to the old Supreme Ventus system. The pressure in the Supreme Ventus system is always equal to the water pressure.

The standard Supreme Ventus execution consists of bronze housing parts including a compact Supreme Ventus valve, a chrome steel liner, one oil and two water-repellent lip seals. One of the differences between the old and the new Supreme Ventus air control unit is that the new seal has a transparent drain tank inside the air control unit. The leakage is logged on a SD card, which makes Conditioning Monitoring easier.

How it works

This systems works with one air flow that splits into two air flows when it enters the seal.

  1. A split air flow that drains leakage from the seal into the drain tank in the air control system;
  2. A split air flow that runs from the air control system through the air relief valve to the sea water.

Air flow 1 consist of possible leakage from oil and water in the seal and is drained to the transparent drain tank in the air control system. Due to the transparency of the drain tank, Conditioning Monitoring is easier. Here you see the self-regulating aspect of the seal: when the drain tank is full it automatically voids itself. When the daily limit is exceeded, an alarm will go off.

The remainder of the air from air flow 2 will escape through the air relief valve, equalising the air pressure in the Supreme Ventus system with the water pressure. To be able to always equalise the pressure, more air than needed flows to the aft seal. The bubbles seen behind the stern tube of the ship are inherent to the working principle of the Supreme Ventus system.


  • 100% Intelligence
    • 24/7 Condition Monitoring of the seal
    • Durable self-learning system
  • Zero-emissions of oil
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • No wear on liner and lip seals guaranteed during the first five years (ask for details)
  • Approved by DNV-GL, in compliance with EPA’s VGP requirements

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Various options are available to enhance the seal design. These include wear-resistant HML liner coating, dirt barriers and wire winders.

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