Looking for VGP compliance? Consider a retrofit to our Supreme Ventus® air-type seal!

Are you a ship owner and operating in US waters? Then you are probably familiar with the Vessel General Permit (VGP). Looking for ways to make your ship VGP compliant? Consider a retrofit to our Supreme Ventus® stern tube seal! Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of this air-type seal and what we can do for you.


  • You can make your ship VGP compliant with the use of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) or choosing a retrofit to an air-type stern tube seal.
  • Our Supreme Ventus is an example of an air-type seal that complies with the VGP and works with mineral oils.
  • If the pipework is already available, you don’t have to pull the propeller shaft during a retrofit.

VGP: a recap

The VGP intends to reduce the environmental impact of oily lubricant discharges to the ecosystem. This regulation indicates that the specified vessels should use Environmental Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) unless this is deemed technical infeasible. Instead of using an EAL, it’s also possible to use an alternative seal design, such as air-type seals.

Looking for a more detailed description? Read one of our blogs about this topic!

EALs or an air-type seal?

There are several options for ship owners to comply with the VGP standard. One solution is to sail with EALs instead of mineral oils. However, this option is quite expensive, because EALs cost more than mineral oils. Another solution is to retrofit your current stern tube seal to an alternative seal design, such as the Supreme Ventus air-type system. This seal type create an air barrier between the oil and the water-repellent lip seals, and collects any leakage in a drain tank. As an additional benefit, the sealing pressure is matched to the prevailing water pressure, ensuring an absolute minimum of wear. With the Supreme Ventus the VGP allows you to sail with mineral oils instead of EALs.

Our solution for VGP compliance

The Supreme Ventus is an example of an air-type seal that complies with the VGP and works with mineral oils. This sealing solution guarantees zero-emission of oil and is self-regulating. This means that the Supreme Ventus works with a constant air flow that transports any leakage from the seal straight to the transparent drain tank in the air control unit. The leakage is logged on an SD card, carefully logging all consumption and possible leakage data. In case of leakage, the fully transparent drain tank can be accessed at eye sight in the Air Control Unit. Monitoring the seal condition has never been more easy.

Make the Switch

To make your ship VGP compliant, we offer the possibility to retrofit your current seal to our Supreme Ventus. A major advantage of a retrofit to this sealing solution is that – in most situations – you don’t have to pull the propeller shaft. The shaft can stay in position if the pipework is already available. For example, this could be pipework that used to transport oil, and for the Supreme Ventus these pipes can facilitate the air flow through the seal.

Do you intend to keep the shaft in place? Supreme seals are available in (fully) split design. Our experts are happy to find the best possible solution for your application and situation.

Why retrofit to the Supreme Ventus?

  • 100% Intelligent
    • 24/7 Condition Monitoring of the seal
    • Durable, self-regulating system
  • Low Cost of Ownership
    • No use of EALs
    • No need to pull the propeller shaft in most situations
  • Simple, uncomplicated system that is easy to install