Innovation (3) – The return of the Lagersmit Bulkhead seal!

This week’s innovation is the Bulkhead seal! Safety on board should always be a priority and the market kept asking for this seal which Lagersmit had previously removed from its portfolio. That’s why Lagersmit has reintroduced the Bulkhead seal, which prevents water leakage between bulkheads. In critical situations it prevents water from flowing into the vessel’s other compartments. In this blog we will introduce the Bulkhead seal. Find out more about how this seal delivers you peace of mind.

The water tight Bulkhead seal

The bulkhead seal is generally used to prevent flooding of the bulkhead seal’s adjacent compartments in the unlikely event of an accident. The Bulkhead seal consists of aluminum divided housing parts, comprising Supreme® lip seals that are fitted on the shaft by ball chains. The lip seals can be bonded in-situ, making it easy to install and do maintenance.

During shaft operation the lip seals will be lifted from the inside face of the aluminum housing, because of the circumferential force, being free from wear. To ensure proper lubrication at start-up and at slower speeds, the seals are pre-lubricated with silicon spray.

In case of larger bulkhead passages for penetrating shaft flanges, a passage flange ring is available on which the bulk head seal can be installed.

Lagersmit also provides gas tight bulk head seals at request.

Summarised: the benefits!

  • Seals off non-flooded compartments if flooding occurs.
  • Ensures a safe return to dock.
  • Allows large radial (5 mm) and axial (30 mm) play.
  • Can be used for low and high speed shafts.

Curious how these benefits are made possible?

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Over de auteur: Pepijn Swarte

Pepijn studeerde Industrieel ontwerpen aan de Technische Universiteit van Delft. Sinds 2013 werkt hij bij Lagersmit. Als productmanager is hij verantwoordelijk voor de R&D voor de Supreme seals.