How we help make pumping stations durable

There is no other country in the world that has as much to do with water as the Netherlands does. From time immemorial it has sailed the seas, constructed dikes, drained polders, dug canals and built bridges. The Dutch are good at creating Peace of Mind when it comes to water. The same is true for Liquidyne®, which was originally developed for dredging-pumps operating under severe conditions. This seal keeps your (water) processes well-lubricated.

Hollands Noorderkwartier water authority & Lagersmit

Leo Broers, Manager Water-level Control Works at the Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Authority, opted for Liquidyne after he saw it in operation at De Lynden pumping station at Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands.

“The Liquidyne had been running for 30,000 hours here and still looked as good as new,” says Leo Broers. “Combined with the fact that a seal at the Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station is only good for 1,200 operating hours per year this convinced me.”

Image: Leo Broers at Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station

Your sealing solution

The Liquidyne 3-Stage (WA) pump seal is used in pumps that process water containing a relatively large number of abrasive particles or particles larger than 100 micron. Lagersmit developed the Liquidyne 3-Stage (WA) especially for pumps in which the pump water is polluted.

The Liquidyne 3-stage seal has the following benefits:

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Maximised maintenance interval
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low cost of ownership

How Condition Monitoring works

The water-lubricated Liquidyne lip seals run across a partially grooved bush placed over the pump shaft. These spiral-shaped grooves and the rotating grooved bush generate a flow of water between the grooves and lip seals.

After a period of time, the grooves slowly wear out. This causes less water to be transported through the bush thus reducing its discharge. Maintenance is required when the discharge flow becomes 20% of the original flow. When you monitor the discharge flow and its decline, you will be able to plan maintenance more efficiently, optimise maintenance intervals, reduce costs and avoid sudden pump failures.

Condition Monitoring video

More information

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“Rijkswaterstaat Retrofitted the water lubricated system off the MS Kennemer to a closed oil lubricated Supreme system.”

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“Our motivation to choose Supreme is obvious. Improvement in design for long-term trouble-free operations.”

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