Real story: How our air-type seal contributes to VGP compliance

Protecting the environment is a hot topic nowadays. Governments are increasing their expenditure for environmental projects, and the regulations for ship owners are getting stricter every day. A good example of one of those regulations is the Vessel General Permit (VGP). Shipping companies sailing in US waters are looking for ways to comply with this regulation and an option is to use air-type seals. In this blog we describe a success story about a retrofit from one of our customers and tell you how we can make your vessel VGP compliant!

VGP: a recap

The VGP intends to reduce the environmental impact of oily lubricant discharges to the ecosystem. This regulation indicates that the specified vessels should use Environmental Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) unless this is deemed technical infeasible. Instead of using an EAL, it’s also possible to use an alternative seal design, such as air-type seals.

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Need for VGP compliance by Venturi Fleet Management

This story is about a retrofit from the Greek company Venturi Fleet Management SA. This organisation operates in US waters and used to apply oil- lubricated stern tube seals on all their ships. This was in line with the VGP, but with the stricter regulations this has changed and their vessels didn’t meet the requirements any more. A solution to make vessels VGP compliant is to switch from mineral oils to EALs (bio-oils). However, the use of EALs comes along with a few disadvantages. First, bio-oils are relatively expensive compared to mineral oils. Second, bio-oils can be difficult to obtain in some parts of the world. And third, bio-oils have other lubricating properties than mineral oils.

Introducing an air-type seal as the solution

Venturi was not satisfied with this option and they started looking for new solutions to meet the VGP standard. That is the moment where Lagersmit got in touch with them: we introduced our Supreme Ventus® air-type seal. This sealing solution has no oil-to-water interface and this makes the seal VGP compliant. Other benefits of this seal are Low Cost of Ownership and a five-year warranty. All these facts together with the cost advantage of the Supreme Ventus made Venturi decide to retrofit the entire fleet to our sealing solution. They have been very satisfied with the retrofits and they also appreciate our quick delivery times and accurate service.

“Lagersmit’s air-type seal is a simple, durable and cost-efficient concept. Up to now we have been very satisfied with this sealing solution!”

Constantinos Bakas Technical Director – Venturi Fleet Management SA

How the Supreme Ventus works

The Supreme Ventus is an air-type seal that guarantees zero-emissions of oil, an absolute minimum of wear and enables you to check the condition of the seal. The Supreme Ventus works with a constant air flow that creates an air barrier between the oil and the water-repellent lip seals. This makes the seal VGP compliant and ship owners can still use mineral oils.

Video Supreme Ventus