Close collaboration

Since 2016, Promarin focused more and more complete shaft lines for new-built vessels. They needed a reliable and standard sealing solution which could be easily adapted into the current situation on a ship. Promarin uses our Supreme seals as standardised components for their plug-and-play shaft line system. Through close and short communication lines, we are able to fulfill the special request from their customers. Yannick Eberhard, Head of Development at Promarin: “Knowing the people you work with makes it easier to find right person to talk about our technical challenges.”

Customised solutions

A while ago, one of Promarin’s customers wanted to extend the lifetime of their seals. We didn’t have a standard solution, but our engineers came up with a smart combined solution of spacer rings. Yannick Eberhard says: “When we call Lagersmit for a technical question or request, they always come up with a fast answer. They literally have all the information about sealing solutions, this expertise gives me a lot of Peace of Mind.”

"Lagersmit always comes up with a technical solution to meet the requirements of our customers."


Yannick Eberhard - Head of Development


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