Retrofit to Supreme SeaGuard Ventus®

At the end of 2018, the Lagersmit team performed a retrofit with a completely new Supreme SeaGuard Ventus seal for De Reimerswaal. The existing seal, despite its special design, had leakage again three months after docking. The leakage of oil became a growing problem. That is why the dredging operator was looking for an environmentally friendly solution.


De Reimerswaal has relatively light stern tubes and had to deal with limited swings. After extensive research of Techno Fysica, this appeared to have no influence on the seal. To exclude all risks of leakage, Reimerswaal Dredging chose the combined SeaGuard Ventus system. Due to the Supreme Ventus air system, any leakage is immediately transported to a transparent drain tank. This ensures zero emissions of oil and makes sure that the environment is not contaminated. The SeaGuard module provides extra safety and can be activated in the unlikely event of excessive consumption or leakage. This prevents unexpected costs and makes sure a planned dry dock can take place

Vessel Reimerswaal Dredging

"We have had good experiences with Lagersmit seals for years. Our vessels have simply achieved the best results in terms of durability and reliability."

Reimerswaal Dredging

Mark van Belzen - Captain

"If we are satisfied with the combination of SeaGuard and the Ventus system, then we will also equip our next vessels with it!"

Reimerswaal Dredging

Mark van Belzen - Captain

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