Innovation (2) – a Water Lubricated Floating sealing solution in line with VGP regulations

Last week we introduced our innovation – a Water Lubricated FWD seal. This week’s innovation is the Floating Water Lubricated seal! As explained in the previous blog, regulations are getting more and more strict when it comes to the environment. The VGP (Vessel General Permit ) is an important topic on why vessels change their oil from mineral to EALs or retrofit to an air type seal . In this blog we will introduce the Water Lubricated Floating seal. Find out more about how this seal delivers you Peace of Mind.

The Water Lubricated Floating Sealing Solution

The Floating Water Lubricated seal has been especially developed to prevent water leakage from your open water lubricated stern tube systems into your machine room.

Outboard water will be pumped through water lubricated journal bearings towards the propeller. In outboard water, abrasive particles are present and it is advisable to filter the water before it is pumped through the stern tube. The shaft bearings are allowed to have more wear, thus gaining more radial clearance when compared to oil-lubricated white metal bearings.

By means of a shaft following subassembly, using a composite bearing and a NBR bellow, the seal can take up a large radial shaft displacement and no manual adjustments for alignment are necessary. This makes it an ideal seal for open water lubricated stern tube systems.

Through the proven technology and state of the art design of the Supreme® radial lip seals, large axial shaft displacement is allowed, making sure the seal also functions well in heavy conditions.

The materials of the wear parts of the seal have been optimised to be more wear resistant. High wear resistant NBR lip seals run on a corrosion-resistant liner with a hardened surface, to enlarge the seal’s average time between maintenance. The seal is modified with a stainless steel fresh water tank to provide lubrication for the lip seal #2. Status monitoring of your lip seals is provided via level switches on this tank, giving you an early warning before any real damage is done.

The Floating Water Lubricated seal is equipped with an inflatable safety seal, which can be activated in case in situ maintenance is due while afloat.

The Floating Water Lubricated forward seal is robustly executed giving you Peace of Mind so you can keep going.

Help us find a name!

The Water Lubricated Floating seal is not the official name of this new seal.

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Summarised: the benefits!

  • Environmentally friendly solution in line with VGP regulations
  • Extra safety because of the incorporated inflatable seal
  • Automatically adapts to the shaft’s radial play if the guide bearings wear down
  • Radial play on the seals up to 5 mm
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Allows for in situ maintenance
  • Optimised and extended seal lifetime
  • Repositionable to realign with shaft

Curious how these benefits are made possible?

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About the author: Pepijn Swarte

Pepijn studied industrial design engineering at the Delft University of Technology and at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. He has been working for Lagersmit since 2013 and as Product Manager he is responsible for the research and development activities of the Supreme seals.