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Why use Supreme® seals

We believe a seal should deliver top performance, keep you going and offer you Peace of Mind. This idea led to the development of the Supreme seal. Introduced in the 1980s and further developed ever since, Supreme seals offer a ‘plus’ to many propulsion systems and vessels worldwide.

The Supreme advantage comprises

The Supreme stern tube seals and Supreme thruster seals are produced with high quality housing parts, lip seals and liners.
Our Modular, Made-to-Measure philosophy enables us to deliver customer-specific designs combined with short quotation, lead and delivery times. In addition, the Supreme
seals are suitable for both new-build and retrofit applications.

  • Robust design
  • Advanced options
  • Modular, made-to-measure
  • Warranty
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Suitable for either new build or retrofit applications

The list of advanced options like an HML coating for extra durable liners and environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) compatible lip seals allows you to enhance your seal design to your preferences.

For an complete overview of all Supreme seals, customised options and additional products, download our Maritime Seals brochure!

Green sealing solutions

The Supreme Ventus and Supreme Athmos are our green sealing solutions, both ensure zero emissions from oil.

The seal matching your application

Supreme seals are suitable for both new build and retrofit applications. Use them on any type of marine propulsion units, where durability matters most.

Our Supreme team

Do you prefer to be in contact with one of our seal specialists? We’re happy to help!

Vincent van der Heiden

Vincent van der Heiden

Account manager
Keke Liu

Keke Liu

Account manager
Bart van Lee

Bart van Lee

Account manager
Jan Willem Bongers

Jan Willem Bongers

Account manager
Eric de Paauw

Eric de Paauw

Account manager



“The Supreme shaft seal is a high quality shaft seal for demanding purposes. Lagersmit has skillful personnel and the organization is very customer friendly. We get a quick response if we place an inquiry and we get fast and flexible deliveries. They’re always ready and willing to do their best to serve their customers.”

Rolls-Roycevisit website
Maersk Ship Management

“Our motivation to choose Supreme is obvious. Improvement in design for long-term trouble-free operations.”

Maersk Ship Managementvisit website
Cat Propulsion

“The Supreme seals is one of the best shaft seals available in the market. We have a good cooperation with Lagersmit. The team is easy to work with and you always get a fast response when parts and technical support are needed.”

Cat Propulsionvisit website
Wijnne Barends

“How I feel about the Supreme Ventus? It’s a no-brainer, every ship should have a system like that.”

Wijnne Barendsvisit website