Lagersmit cares for nature and respects regulations to protect the (maritime) world. We therefore are constantly checking the trends in the maritime world and developing new (green) sealing solutions. Are you already busy with the preparation to modify your vessel with a Ballast Water Management System? Then also take sealing solutions with zero oil-emissions into consideration!

Going into dry dock? You might want to consider these other green solutions too!

After years of uncertainty, the Ballast Water Management Convention will come into force on 8 September 2017. Due to the accession of Finland, the total number of contracting states to the treaty has reached 52, which represents 35.14% of the global fleet by tonnage. Read more about the requirements and impact around the Ballast Water Management Convention and stay up to date with the latest news around the Ballast Water Management Convention in our update.

When you are going into dry dock for a new ballast water treatment system, you might want to consider other green solutions making you compliant to the Vessel General Permit and Port State Control as well. Take a look at a few of our green sealing solutions!

Supreme Athmos® (VGP compliant)

The Supreme Athmos is designed for ships with a limited draught (up to five meters), ensures zero oil-emission to the environment and provides a safe operation by preventing water entering into the system. If you have a yacht, inland vessel or a ferry, the Supreme Athmos is the right sealing solution for your vessel.


  • Environmentally safe: zero-emissions of oil
  • Enhanced performance: zero leakage of water into the seal
  • Stable working: 24/7 Condition Monitoring of the seal
  • Approved by DNV GL to be in line with VGP regulations

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Supreme Ventus® (VGP compliant)

The Supreme Ventus is an air-type seal that guarantees zero-emissions of oil, minimum wear and enables condition monitoring of the seal. It is suitable for vessels with a varying draught and vessels that want to prevent oil-emission.


  • Zero-emissions from oil
  • Condition Monitoring of seal
  • No wear of liner and lip seals during the first five years, guaranteed (if supervised) and minimal wear overall
  • Approved by DNV GL to be in line with VGP regulations

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Supreme Ventus Thruster (VGP compliant)

The Supreme Ventus Thruster is especially developed for thruster systems that function at great (varying) depths. It works according to the Supreme Ventus principle and guarantees zero oil-emission, a minimum wear and its condition can be checked at any time from the engine room.


  • Separates effectively water and lubricants
  • Targeted design for thrusters
  • Various types for environmental friendly and heavy design solutions
  • Approved by DNV GL to be in line with VGP regulations

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The Oil Collector Ring (Port State Control)

Do you prefer a clean engine room? The Oil Collector Ring prevents oil droplets or mist from the stern tube and forward seal entering the engine room. Read more about the Oil Collector Ring.


  • A clean engine room
  • Prevents slippery floor and thus the risk of accidents
  • Reduces the risk of fire
  • Fewer problems with Port State Control, which no longer accepts this kind of spillage

Want to know more about the advantages of the Oil Collector Ring? Download the OCR information.

Would you like more information or advise about our green sealing solutions? Feel free to contact me!