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Water management

  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Under control

I operate a…

How can we help make your pumping station durable?
How can we help make your lock reliable?

But first allow us to introduce ourselves… We are Lagersmit!

It is possible that you haven’t heard of us before. Lagersmit, founded back in 1856, has had a strong focus on sealing solutions since the sixties of the last century. Our mission: to help you keep your process under control, we supply you the best sealing solutions in the world.

Nowadays, Lagersmit serves a group of regular customers comprising suppliers of propulsion systems, ship owners, shipyards, dredging companies, pump manufacturers, refineries and power plants. Up to the present, more than 35,000 seals have been delivered to these customers.

Under control

We are satisfied when our customers can concentrate on the things that really matter to them. That is exactly why we care about your peace of mind. For example, we do this by supplying quality products:

  • The condition of the Liquidyne® can be monitored 24/7, which makes the seal’s remaining service life predictable;
  • Our Supreme® seals are available in different versions, making zero emission a possibility, among other things;
  • Our modular-customization principle enables us to meet your personal needs, without compromising on delivery time;
  • And with a list of advanced options, such as HML (Hard Metal Layer) coating for more durable bushings, you can make your seal even more durable.

A good friend

The world of seals is our world. Supplying the best seals is our goal. Consider us a good friend. While a win-win situation always is a priority for us, we are not just yes-people. We believe that it is always possible to do better and that is what we aim for.


Like to know more?

Interested in knowing what Lagersmit can do for you in the field of pumping stations and locks? If so, be sure to contact me!