Looking for a green sealing solution? In search of ways to lower your total cost of ownership? Wish to get a better after sales support or simply experiencing problems with your current seal(s)? Make the switch and retrofit your current seal to one of our Lagersmit seals.

  • High-quality, custom-made seal supported by a high-quality service network with worldwide coverage.
  • We have a dedicated team standing by to handle your retrofit request smoothly.
  • Our special ordering process ensures a quick delivery time regarding the retrofit, spare parts and service.

Switch to your Peace of Mind

Maritime market

Vessels must sail. Propulsion systems convey ships all over the world. Supreme seals effectively and efficiently keep the lubricants inside and the water outside of your vessel. Lagersmit has been specializing in high-quality, typically Dutch maritime seals for many years.

Reasons to switch

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership;
  • Sealing solutions towards VGP, such as the Supreme Ventus;
  • Sealing solutions with green class notations such as Clean Ship, ECO notation;
  • Short lead time through efficient processes;
  • Excellent after sales and technical support.

Dredging market

For centuries, water management – including dredging and land reclamation − has helped the Netherlands to stay above water. Nowadays, this dredging knowledge is being used worldwide. From the palm island in Dubai to the Panama Canal, Lagersmit is there. Whether it involves stern tube, thruster or pump shaft seals, you can rely on us.

Reasons to switch:

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Zero-emissions of oil, no more leakages in dredging claims and ports
  • Special dredging stern tube sealing solution: Supreme SeaGuard Ventus CDL; with Hard Metal Liner, distance ring and dirt barrier.
    Ask our dredging expert for more information or a quotation!
  • Excellent after sales and technical support.

Industry & energy market

A sealing solution for your pump helping your organisation towards Industry 4.0? Our Liquidyne® pump shaft seal is the upgrade for gland packing and the alternative for a mechanical seal. Due to its robust design the seal can handle more axial and radial play and is suitable for pumps with severe shocks and vibrations, wrong alignment and abrasive medium.

Reasons to switch:

  • monitor the condition of the seal in a distance,
  • predict the lifecycle of the seal,
  • prevent sudden pump failure,
  • no maintenance and adjusting needed during operation,
  • and less power consumption due to minimised friction.

Water management market

There is no other country in the world that has as much to do with water as the Netherlands does. From time immemorial it has sailed the seas, constructed dikes, drained polders, dug canals and built bridges. The Dutch are good at creating Peace of Mind when it comes to water. The same is true for Liquidyne®, which was originally developed for dredging-pumps operating under severe conditions. This seal keeps your (water) processes well-lubricated.

Reasons to switch:

  • monitor the condition of the seal in a distance,
  • predict the lifecycle of the seal,
  • maximised mean time between maintenance,
  • environmental friendly (water lubricated) and
  • prevent sudden pump failure.

Applying for a Retrofit Seal

Searching for a seal that delivers Peace of Mind? Do you prefer a seal that keeps you going? Don’t wait any longer and contact me to find out what we can do for you.


“Rijkswaterstaat Retrofitted the water lubricated system off the MS Kennemer to a closed oil lubricated Supreme system.”

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“Our motivation to choose Supreme is obvious. Improvement in design for long-term trouble-free operations.”

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