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With our environmentally friendly solutions, the seal of your ship complies with all regulations regarding sustainability. This includes the Vessel General Permit (soon to be VIDA), Port State Control, Polar Code and Ballast Water, but also new innovations around smart shipping and the green award.

Supreme Ventus®

The Supreme Ventus is an intelligent, durable and self-regulating sealing solution that guarantees zero emissions of oil for seagoing vessels. It has a constant air flow which prevents an oil-to-water interface and drains any leakage into a monitoring tank. You avoid the use of expensive bio-oils and can keep sailing in American waters with mineral oils.

Water-lubricated systems

Our water-lubricated systems are especially developed to prevent water leakage from your open water-lubricated stern tube system into your machine room. This environmentally friendly solution provides extra safety through the incorporated inflatable seal and is in line with the VGP/VIDA regulations. The difference between the seals is that, due to the bellow in the forward seal, the Supreme® WLC automatically adapts to the shaft’s radial play if the guide bearings wear down.


Liquidyne® pump shaft seal

The Liquidyne pump shaft seal is environmentally friendly thanks to the water-lubricated system that saves energy through reduced friction on the shaft. In addition, the Liquidyne has a predictable lifetime due to the condition monitoring function. This adds predictability to your pump and makes your operation more secure.

Oil Collector Ring (OCR)

The Supreme Oil Collector Ring (OCR) offers extra safety against oil leakage in the engine room. The OCR prevents oil droplets or mist from the stern tube and the forward seal entering the engine room. For safety reasons, the Port State Control no longer accepts this type of pollution in the engine room. With the OCR, the engine room remains clean and safe.


Cut through of pump with Liquidyne

Supreme Athmos®

The Supreme Athmos is a targeted design for ships with a shallow draught up to 5 metres such as larger yachts, cruise ships and ferries. The durable and self-regulating sealing solution guarantees zero emissions of oil and delivers you optimal Peace of Mind.

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