1. Net cutters
  2. Wire winders (most chosen option)
  3. Cathodic protection (most chosen option)
  4. NBR/FKM lip seals
  5. Hastelloy® C4 springs
  6. Distance ring
  7. Dirt barrier (most chosen option)
  8. Hard Metal Liner coating (most chosen option)
  9. Oil Collector Ring (not in image)

Net cutters

Need to protect your Supreme® aft seal against fishing nets? Choose stainless-steel double-sided net cutters.


  • Safety measure for the Supreme aft seal against fishing nets and similar hazards

Wire winders

Do you want to avoid fishing lines from damaging the seals? Use our wire winders which need to be mounted on to the propeller hub.



  • Split type
  • Available for every Supreme® aft seal size
  • Unique design

Cathodic protection

Choose extra anodes to deliver improved corrosion protection on your liner. Sailing in US waters? We also offer aluminum anodes to be compliant with the VGP/VIDA!


  • Safety measure for the Supreme aft seal against galvanic corrosion
  • VGP compliant with aluminum anodes
Anode block

NBR/FKM lip seals

What is your speed and draught? Depending on the vessel’s operating conditions we recommend you to use Supreme FKM lip seals or Supreme NBR lip seals.


  • Supreme FKM lip seals are more resistant to higher temperatures than Supreme NBR lip seals.
  • Supreme NBR lip seals are more resistant to abrasive particles than Supreme FKM lip seals.

Hastelloy® C4 springs

Looking for lip seal springs that are more resistant to corrosion? Equip the Supreme® lip seals with Hastelloy® garter springs.


  • Highly corrosion-resistant spring material
  • Increased reliability of the sealing function

Distance ring

Looking for a way to extend the lifetime of your stainless-steel liner? A divisible distance ring can be added to your Supreme seal. By removing the distance ring during maintenance, the entire seal can be repositioned to create a new running surface for your lip seals.


  • Extends mean time between liner maintenance jobs
  • Reduces docking time and saves costs by not having to machine the liner

Dirt barrier

Would you like to avoid damage to the aft seal caused by sand and debris? Choose a dirt barrier which also prevents small fishing lines from entering the seal.


  • Safety measure for the Supreme aft seal against debris

Hard Metal Liner coating

Looking for a way to lengthen the lifetime of your whole seal? Install a liner with a hard metal coating.


  • Improved liner lifetime
  • Good effective heat transfer, reduced ageing of the Supreme® lip seals
  • Less docking time, and cost savings by not having to machine the liner

Supreme® Oil Collector Ring

Do you prefer a clean engine room if lip seal wear occurs? Equip the Supreme forward seal with an oil collector ring and prevent oil droplets from entering the engine room.


  • A clean engine room
  • Prevents a slippery floor and the risks of accidents
Supreme STF With Oil Collector Ring Doorsnede


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