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Sabrina Peters23.04.2024 09:11:511 min Lesezeit

Almost a decade of cooperation - Lagersmit & Fehn Ship Management

One of Lagersmit’s core values is being a good friend. This means we focus on long-term ...
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Sabrina Peters11.01.2024 00:00:002 min Lesezeit

The Impact of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) on Stern Tube Systems: A Closer Look at Gard's Study

Have you come across Gard's recent study on stern tube damage? It reminded us of our 2020 ...
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Sabrina Peters21.12.2023 10:39:003 min Lesezeit

Lagersmit Sealing Solutions becomes part of The Timken Company

On December 20th 2023, The Timken Company officially acquired 100% of the shares in ...
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Pepijn Swarte20.12.2023 00:00:003 min Lesezeit

Supreme® seals applications for stern tube systems

The Supreme seals, developed by Lagersmit, add value to your propulsion system by ...
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Sabrina Peters20.11.2023 00:00:001 min Lesezeit

IHC Sealing Solutions now operating under the name Lagersmit

Starting in December 2014, IHC Sealing Solutions will operate under the new – but also ...
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Madlen Goldbeck05.11.2023 00:00:001 min Lesezeit

Redesign Lagersmit

You may compare it with a top athlete's game: inventing, designing, producing and ...
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Madlen Goldbeck05.11.2023 00:00:001 min Lesezeit

Technique route 2023

The future is bright, and the next generation of jobholders got a glimpse of it during ...
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Vincent van der Heiden20.09.2023 00:00:002 min Lesezeit

The complete stern tube and sealing system (2): Stern tubes

The slogan ‘The Origin of Sealing Solutions’ suggests that Lagersmit only offers seals. ...
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Pepijn Swarte20.09.2023 00:00:002 min Lesezeit

The Stern tubes history and purpose

Many years ago there was a mechanical and civil engineer named Isambard Kingdom Brunel. ...
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Stefan Molenaar20.09.2023 00:00:001 min Lesezeit

Lagersmit expands its service and distribution network during SMM

Switch to Peace of Mind with the best sealing solutions and service 24/7 worldwide. ...
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