Introduced in the 1980s and further developed ever since, Supreme® seals offer a ‘plus’ to many propulsion systems and vessels worldwide. Strict emission standards and regulations (Vessel General Permit [VGP]/[VIDA]) mean that environmentally friendly seals are more relevant than ever. Our maritime sealing solutions are mainly applied to stern tubes, thrusters and bulkheads.


Lagersmit has been in the dredging industry since 1856. Due to the harsh conditions (lots of sand and vibrations), there was a need for robust and reliable seals for dredging pumps and propulsion systems.

Dredging vessel spraying sand and dirt
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Water management

The Netherlands has been an outstanding player in the field of sustainable and reliable water management for years. Our seals for locks and pumping stations contribute to water control.


The Liquidyne® pump shaft seals are the alternative to industrial gland packing and mechanical seals. The water-lubricated Liquidyne is the next step towards Industry 4.0 and has a predictable lifetime due to the function.

Tidal energy

Tidal energy is a sustainable and reliable way to generate energy at sea. Our sealing solutions for tidal turbines are fully customised and have optimised maintenance intervals.

24/7 service

At Lagersmit, you can count on 24/7 worldwide support for installation and maintenance of your seal. Our service engineers are your sealing experts and can be on site within 48 hours.



  • 24/7 available
  • on location within 48 hours
  • certified engineers
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