• It automatically adapts to the shaft’s radial play if the guide bearings wear down.
  • The seals can handle a radial play up to 5 mm.
  • This is an environmentally friendly solution in line with VGP/VIDA regulations.
  • There is extra safety through the incorporated inflatable seal.
  • It allows for in situ maintenance.
  • Seal life is optimised and extended.
  • It is repositionable to realign with the shaft.

How it works

Outboard water will be pumped through water-lubricated journal bearings towards the propeller. In outboard water, abrasive particles are present and it is advisable to filter this before it is pumped through the stern tube. Nonetheless, the materials of the more vulnerable parts of the seal have been optimised to be more wear resistant.

High wear-resistant NBR lip seals run on a corrosion-resistant liner with a hardened surface, to prolong the average time between scheduled seal maintenance. Through the proven technology and state-of-the-art design of the Supreme® radial lip seals, large axial shaft displacement is allowed, without compromising the functioning of the seal. The seal is modified with a stainless steel fresh water tank to provide lubrication for the outermost lip seal. Via level switches on this tank, status monitoring of your lip seals is provided giving you an early warning of possible problems – before any real damage is done.

It is also equipped with an inflatable safety seal, which can be activated in case in situ maintenance is due while afloat. During maintenance the seal can be manually adjusted radially for a perfect shaft-to-bore alignment, giving you a reliable sealing solution for years to come.


Technical information

Curious about the technical specifications? Download the technical product information for drawings, cross sections and datasheets.



The Supreme Hydrofuse consists of bronze housing parts, a stainless steel liner with Hard Metal Layer (HML) coating, NBR lip seals with Hastelloy springs, cast iron clamping ring and water tank.


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