• Avoid the use of expensive bio-oils
  • Extra safety against oil leakage
  • Complies with the VGP and VIDA regulations
  • Safely postpone maintenance
  • 24/7 condition monitoring
  • Zero emissions of oil
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Five-year warranty (ask for details)

How it works

The Supreme SeaGuard Ventus (SGV) has an extra oil-repellent lip seal that can be activated in the event of excessive oil leakage. In this way, an unnecessary dry dock can be prevented and maintenance can be postponed safely.

Due to the extra air barrier between the oil and water-repellent lip seals, any leakage is immediately transported to the transparent drain tank. A periodically generated vacuum ensures that the drain channel remains clean. The Air Control Unit (ACU) monitors the condition of the aft seal and lets you know the status of the seal at any time. The Supreme SeaGuard Ventus complies with the VGP and VIDA regulations because the oil and water-repellent lip seals are separated by a constant air flow. Because the pressure in the seal is adjusted to the water pressure, there is compensation for every draft. This results in minimal wear on the liner and lip seals.


The chamber between the two oil-repellent lip seals is pressurised by the stern tube header tank. This way the pressure on both sides of the fourth lip seal remains equal. By closing off the oil supply to this chamber, the fourth lip seal can be used as a new oil-repellent lip seal. In case of leakage, docking and maintenance can be postponed by putting this redundant (fourth) lip seal to work. With the split version, it is not necessary to pull the shaft during dry dock. The Supreme SeaGuard Ventus is available for shaft diameters from 116 to 1150 millimetres.




Technical information

Curious about the technical specifications? Download the technical product information for drawings, cross sections and datasheets.



The Supreme SeaGuard Ventus consists of high-quality bronze housing parts, an aft seal with valve (SGV), a stainless steel liner and ACU. The aft seal has two water-repellent and two oil-repellent rubber (NBR or FKM) lip seals. The forward seal consists of two oil-repellent lip seals and is lubricated by a compact circulation tank. A corresponding header tank, to which all necessary connections have already been made, is available as an option.


Due to the modular design, you can customise the Supreme SeaGuard Ventus using a broad range of options. The most frequently chosen options for the SeaGuard Ventus are:

  • Hard Metal Layer coating (recommended)
  • FKM lip seals
  • Dirt barrier
  • Wire winders


Curious about all other options? Take a look at the overview for all possibilities!



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Retrofit to Supreme SeaGuard Ventus®

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”Based on a thorough assessment the Supreme SeaGuard Ventus outperforms other air seal solutions due to its unique design characteristics, i.e. simplicity, reliability and cost effectiveness.”

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Type and design approval

The Supreme SeaGuard Ventus has been approved by globally recognised classification societies such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), DNV GL and the Indian Register of Shipping. Watch overview of all available type and design certificates.

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