In 2013 we installed the first Liquidyne® seals at the sugar factory in Dinteloord. These pump shaft seals have been running for more than 7 years. All without maintenance in the meantime! For the production process, Cosun Beet Company uses, among other things, slurry pumps and carbos pumps. The Liquidyne 3-Stage and Liquidyne LDS are now used on a majority of these process pumps.

From gland packing to Liquidyne seal

Due to the good experiences, we replaced two gland packings for Liquidyne seals in the summer of 2018. Cosun Beet Company had problems with the leakage of these slurry pumps. The shaft sleeve had to be replaced every 4 months. For this, the pumps had to be completely decoupled and overhauled in the workshop. The maintenance costs were high and decreased the availability of the pump. The gland packing had to be checked daily to avoid damage to the bearing. Leakage was also undesirable in the context of safety. With the Liquidyne, the maintenance interval has been considerably extended, leaks are a thing of the past and the workplace remains clean and safe.

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"The lifetime, minimal maintenance of a clean workplace are, in our opinion, the biggest advantages of the Liquidyne. The environmentally friendly and innovative character fits perfectly with our sustainable DNA."

Cosun Beet Company

Technical service

“With the Liquidyne we save on maintenance costs and our workplace is safer."

Cosun Beet Company

Technical service

Savings on maintenance costs

By installing the Liquidyne, Cosun Beet Companysaves time and money on maintenance costs for sealing the slurry pump. With the Liquidyne, it is expected that after 5 years only the spare parts and grooved bush need to be replaced. Compared to gland packing, this saves 15 times on maintenance work and spare parts.


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