Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station

The Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station, located in Onderdijk in the Province of Noord-Holland, is the very best there is in terms of innovative pumping stations. This pumping station was recently completely renovated. After the renovation, the pumps at the Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station were able to pump 1,400 cubic metres (previously 1,140 cubic metres) of water into the IJsselmeer every minute. During the renovation an assessment was also conducted to determine how to reduce the pumping station’s failure causes.


Each day, hundreds of employees at the Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Authority work on protecting the land and the quality of the surface water. Safety and the public interest are a high priority and reducing the failure rate was consequently considered important. The probability of failure at the Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station was reduced even further by upgrading the seals. During the renovation of the Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station the gland packings were replaced by the Liquidyne® seal. Leo Broers opted for the Liquidyne after he saw it in operation at the Lijnde pumping station at Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands. 


Advantages of the Liquidyne

  • environmentally friendly (water lubrication instead of grease lubrication)
  • predictable lifetime
  • energy savings
  • safe workplace
  • easy to maintain
Leo Boers Gemaal Noorderkoggen

"The Liquidyne had been running for 30,000 hours here and still looked as good as new. Combined with the fact that a seal at the Vier Noorder Koggen pumping station is only good for 1,200 operating hours per year convinced me."

Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Authority

Mr Leo Broers - Manager Water-level Control Work

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