Excavate 200 million M³ of sand Suez Canal Egypt

Joop van Tatenhove (Jan De Nul Group): “The construction of the new Suez Canal in Egypt is one of our eye catchers. At 170 km, the Suez Canal is the shortest shipping route between Europe and Asia. To increase the canal’s capacity and industrial activity in the region, a second 50 km-long shipping lane was added to the canal. Jan De Nul Group performed one-third of the total works. The Group mobilised seven cutter suction dredgers for this project. The dredging pumps with the Liquidyne® seals held their own throughout the entire project.”

Jan De  Nul cutter suction dredger Suez canal Egypt

​"We value the Liquidyne seal for it's reliability, which helps us to maximise the availability of our equipment."

Jan De Nul Group

Joop van tatenhove

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