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Experienced some problems with your current seal? Do you consider an upgrade to a better sealing solution? Make the switch and retrofit your current seal to one of our Lagersmit seals.


  • You can replace your current seal with a new retrofit seal from Lagersmit, a high-quality seal supported by a high-quality service network with worldwide coverage. This new solution will be fully geared to the current requirements of your application.
  • We have a dedicated team standing by to handle your retrofit request smoothly. Based on existing drawings, our engineers will quickly calculate whether a retrofit is possible, our sales department will determine the best price and delivery time. After your approval, your new seal will be produced, supplied and installed.
  • Our special ordering process ensures a quick delivery time regarding the retrofit, spare parts and service.

Check the availability of our service engineers!

Thanks to timely and regular maintenance, your seal will continue to perform to the highest level
and also save you money.
Want to check if our service engineers are available on location in the preferred period of the docking?

Applying for a Retrofit Seal

Searching for a seal that delivers peace of mind? Do you prefer a seal that keeps you going? Don’t wait any longer and contact me to find out what we can do for you.



“Rijkswaterstaat Retrofitted the water lubricated system off the MS Kennemer to a closed oil lubricated Supreme system.”

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Maersk Ship Management

“Our motivation to choose Supreme is obvious. Improvement in design for long-term trouble-free operations.”

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