Supreme® thruster seals

Lagersmit delivers reliable solutions for all kind of new and existing thrusters. This goes from basic solutions up to pressure-compensating, zero emissions and 100% condition-monitored solutions. There are targeted designs for thrusters with large varying draughts, a small build-in length and heavy-duty operations. Our Supreme thruster seals are suitable for:

  • Fully oil-filled lower gearboxes
  • Spray-lubricated lower gearboxes
  • Pressurized oil-filled thrusters

The Supreme thruster seals are produced with high quality housing parts, lip seals and liners. Our Modular, Made-to-Measure philosophy enables us to deliver customer-specific designs combined with short quotation, lead and delivery times.

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What is a thruster?

A thruster is a propulsion system which is used to make ships more maneuverable. Because thrusters can be rotated, a rudder is no longer necessary. There are many different kind of thrusters, for example:

  • Azimuth thrusters
  • Azipull thrusters
  • Tunnel/bow thrusters

How it works

The chamber between the two oil-repellent lip seals is filled with oil and the resulting pressure effectively keeps water outside and oil inside the thruster gearbox. Even in the unlikely event of damage to the water repellent lip seals, the system will still prevent any water ingress into the thruster’s lower gearbox. The oil barrier will lose its overpressure and the oil level drops, triggering the low level alarm and oil/monitoring tank to create a pressurised oil barrier.

Product overview

Supreme® TS3

Targeted design for azimuth and azipull thrusters with a small build-in length

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Supreme® TS4

Targeted design for thrusters that have to deal with heavy-duty operations

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Supreme Ventus®

Guarantees zero emissions of oil for seagoing vessels with large varying draughts

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Do you have problems with your current thruster seal and do you want to replace it? Our dedicated retrofit team can develop a fully customised sealing solution that is tailored to the current circumstances of your thruster. Discover the benefits of retrofit and make the switch!


Type and design approval

The Supreme thruster seals have been approved by globally recognised classification societies such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), DNV GL and the Indian Register of Shipping. Overview of all available type and design certificates.

Service engineers installing big size seal

"The Supreme shaft seal is a high quality shaft seal for demanding purposes. Lagersmit has skillful personnel and the organization is very customer friendly. We get a quick response if we place an inquiry and we get fast and flexible deliveries. They're always ready and willing to do their best to serve their customers."


"The Supreme seals is one of the best shaft seals available in the market. We have a good cooperation with Lagersmit. The team is easy to work with and you always get a fast response when parts and technical support are needed."

CAT propulsion

"Steerprop relies on Supreme TS4 thruster seals."



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