UK 105 'Spes Nova' from Ekofish, 100% sustainable

The Ekofish group is currently working on the start-up of a new ship, the UK 105 'Spes Nova'. This sustainable ship must be able to move forward in the coming 20 years. They asked us to supply the forward and aft seal for the stern tube. Our Supreme Athmos® seal has zero emissions of oil, which makes the ship 100% sustainable.


Louwe de Boer, Managing Director at the Ekofish Group: "For us, the choice was easy and did not have to think twice about who would deliver our seals. We have the best experiences with Lagersmit from the past."

Ekofish Group Spes Nova

"Lagersmit is the first choice regarding stern tube seals!"

Ekofish Group

Louwe de Boer - Managing Director

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