Everything under one roof: The benefits of an optimised spare parts inventory

Eric De Paauw

Did you know that our production facility, warehouse and our office are all located in one building, in the Netherlands? They are all by the North River, in Alblasserdam. All disciplines are under one roof, which brings several advantages. There are short lines of communication between the different departments, we can quickly respond to the changing demand and we are literally on top of the quality of all products.


Did you also know that Lagersmit is one of, or perhaps the fastest, supplier of spare parts? You can find us in the Alblasserwaard, just outside the bustle of the big city of Rotterdam. Both Amsterdam’s airport Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are less than one hour away. Our warehouse is designed in such a way that important parts can often be dispatched the same day. Read on and discover how we deliver Peace of Mind with our spare parts service.


"The warehouse, production facility and office of Lagersmit are all located in one place, in the Netherlands!"

Improving continously

The past three years the logistics team has made comprehensive improvements arranging the warehouse more efficiently. The routing is modified and by working more efficiently the pick time has been drastically reduced. The high-volume items are stored together near the front of the warehouse to avoid losing time. As a result we can deliver even faster than before.


“If it’s urgent, an order is ready within an hour after request”, said Ronald Bouter, Group Leader Logistics. Of course we hope that customers try to avoid last-minute orders as much as possible. “I am satisfied when everything that has to be sent to the customer, is sent to the customer at the end of the day”, said Ronald. “We meet our commitments.”


How to save time with service kits

Imagine, you need to perform maintenance on your seal. You order a new lip seal and afterwards you think: I also need a spring or packing. Now you have to place a new order, which costs time and money. This inconvenience can be avoided with our service kits. A service kit includes all soft components for a seal which needs to be replaced. Each sealing system has its own service kit.


Supreme lip seal

How we deliver Peace of Mind to our customers

In the early morning of 19 October, Mr Bakker came to Lagersmit for maintenance on the aft seal of the UK-287, Maarten Fetske. In the Supreme seal a liner was used that deviated from the standard applied by Lagersmit. The liner had to be replaced and that was of course possible. But because of the different dimensions of the liner, replacement would mean a longer delivery time.


Due to good cooperation between Mr Bakker, the shipyard where the ship was in dock and Lagersmit, we managed to come to an alternative solution. By applying an additional ring, we still managed to use a standard liner. This means that both now and in the future, Mr Bakker can apply a liner from our stock that can be ready for use within one working day.


The next day the aft seal of the UK-287, Maarten Fetske, was installed by our service engineer. Less than 36 hours after Mr Bakker contacted us, the UK-287 could sail safely. By Chiel Michel – Manager Service Lagersmit.


UK-287, Maarten Fetske


“The experience with Lagersmit was 100% above expectations. We were helped well, 100%. The new rings and liner were delivered very quickly. The service engineer placed it perfectly and it was all set within three hours.” Mr L. Bakker – Leendert Bakker Beheer B.V. in Urk.

Do urgent requests happen every day?

… we asked the Commerce Manager from Lagersmit, Dustin van Horik.


“I would almost say fortunately not”, says Dustin. “The maritime world is running day and night, worldwide. When necessary, we are ready and we will arrange it. That is what we call Peace of Mind!”


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