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Madlen Goldbeck1 min read

Redesign Lagersmit

You may compare it with a top athlete's game: inventing, designing, producing and delivering the best sealing solutions is like performing top sport. To satisfy our mission, we need to attract bright minds, have the right resources and facilitate those with a state-of-the-art working environment. In this blog, we take you along our journey to take the next step in office facilities, production & warehousing. 



A fit employee is a happy employee. Research proves that it is better to switch between sitting-down and standing behind a desk. During the COVID-pandemic, we already equipped all our staff with height-adjustable desks and high quality chairs at home. To further promote good posture and good health, we have now replaced the entire office equipment to state of the art desks and chairs. Flexible height adjustment of the desk and monitor mounts ensure that employees can move to another working space, connect and disband if necessary. 


Parking facilities

In order to accommodate the increasingly green fleet of vehicles and electric bikes, we have expanded the number of (electric) parking spaces to a new optimum. Employees can now more easily park their cars and charge their electric cars and bicycles. 


Production facilities

Perhaps most interesting to our customers, the assembly and warehouse redesign has started, aiming to optimise the utilisation of the available area and ensure even greater availability of products. Using the exact same production space, we will be able to accommodate twice as much stock, have our expedition-department expanded and also have a completely new assembly line to create our Supreme Ventus air-type, VGP and VIDA-proof zero-emissions seal. All with one goal: to keep delivering you with the best sealing solutions for pumps, ships and tidal energy converters – from our own product facilities in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands.


To ensure the safety of all involved, Lagersmit keeps a close eye on safety measures and minimises visits to production facilities. But do keep close contact with your dedicated contact persons. When the transition is finished, we are happy to show you around our renewed facilities!