Top 3 Benefits of a pre-inspection for ship-owners

Bart van Lee

If you decide to retrofit your ship, you want the job to be done as soon as possible. After all, every day your ship is in dry dock costs you a great deal of money. To ensure a highly efficient retrofit seal-installation, you can ask for a pre-inspection your ship. For this activity the ship doesn’t have to be in dry dock, but the inspection can take place for example during ship handling. Read more about the benefits of a pre-inspection!

Benefit 1: The dry docking period can be shortened

Because the pre-inspection takes place before the dry-dock, fewer activities will take place while the ship is in dry dock. After all, a major part of the normal inspection is already done during the pre-inspection.

Benefit 2: The scope of work can be determined before docking

As our service engineer visits the vessel before the seal and auxiliaries are delivered, he will decide up-front where all the parts – for example the Air Control Unit (ACU) – will be installed. This means that a part of the scope of work is already made vessel-specific in order to ensure a smooth installation later on.

Benefit 3: Saving of installation costs

When a retrofit job takes place, correct preparation and planning are necessary. Experience shows that proper planning results in higher efficiency and some 30% of installation costs can be saved

What Lagersmit can do for you

Would you like to change your current sealing brand to Lagersmit seals? Do you have questions about this or would you like the situation to be pre-checked in order to ensure a smooth retrofit process? Contact our service department to request a pre-inspection!

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