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The mining industry is characterized by remote locations with harsh conditions and rarely has clean water facilities. Mining pumps need a robust sealing solution that can handle abrasive media with little flushing water. The Liquidyne® pump shaft seal reduces friction on the shaft and uses only a fraction of flushing water compared to gland packings. 



Released in 1983, the water-lubricated Liquidyne pump shaft seal was initially intended for heavy-duty dredge pumps. Thanks to its robust design, the seal can handle above-average axial and radial play. It is suitable for pumps that have to deal with severe shocks and vibrations, incorrect alignment and abrasive media. The Liquidyne increases the pump’s lifetime and leads to a longer mean time between maintenance (MTBM) thanks to its robustness. Condition monitoring adds predictability and makes your operation more secure.

The Liquidyne® is a sealing solution that needs to be flushed during heavy-duty operations, such as when dealing with abrasive media. For situations in which no flush supply is present, Lagersmit has developed a Closed Loop Lubrication Unit (CLLU) to circulate the external flush medium. Circulating the flushing medium minimizes the total consumption of the seal and increases the durability of the Liquidyne seal, as flush water is filtered.

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Liquidyne VS gland packing
Liquidyne VS mechanical seal


   Predictable lifetime
   Energy savings
   Safe workplace
   Easy to maintain

The Liquidyne has a predictable lifetime due to the condition monitoring function. In addition, the pump shaft seal is also environmentally friendly thanks to the water-lubricated system that saves energy through reduced friction on the shaft.



Do you want more information or specialist advice about our spare parts? Contact one of our experts!

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Do you want more information or specialist advice about our Mining seals? Contact one of our experts!

+31 (0)88 0216 200