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Another motivation for a new sealing solution is that they needed to comply with the demands from harbours. Zero-emissions stern tube seals were not simply desired, but a requirement. Addressing the issues decisively from both engineering and financial perspectives Minerva Marine initiated a project for retrofitting conventional seals to the Supreme SeaGuard Ventus® air-type seal.

Minerva Marine started researching several air-type seals, including the Supreme Ventus®. The organization compared the advantages of this sealing solution with features of other air-type seals. After extensive research, Minerva Marine made the decision to retrofit their current seals to the Supreme Ventus, starting with the Medium Range 2-size tanker MT Minerva Mediterranea. The company is known for its thorough examinations before they implement something new within the company and its attitude towards the Supreme Ventus is very positive.

Minerva Marine mediterranea valetta

"Based on a thorough assessment the Supreme (Seaguard) Ventus outperforms other air-type seal solutions due to its unique design characteristics, i.e. simplicity, reliability and cost effectiveness."

Minerva Marine Inc.

Head of Technical Asset Integrity

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