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Sabrina Peters

“Peace of Mind” and “24/7 service: whenever, wherever” has been, and still is, the main focus of Lagersmit. Lagersmit is therefore happy to announce that it is yet again expanding its global agent network to Italy and Monaco together with Master Marine. This Italian agency, headed by capt. Bruno Crovetto, is motivated and ready to help and assist our (future) customers in these regions.


Dustin van Horik, Manager Commerce (Lagersmit) “We are always looking for ways to deliver Peace of Mind to our (future) customers. What better way to do that with dedicated and motivated Lagersmit agents in their own regions? With Master Marine added to our global agent network, we are looking forward delivering Peace of Mind to Italy and Monaco.”


“Since we had contact with them, we only met very skilled and enthusiastic people who love their job and spread their enthusiasm to sales force and customers. Through our fruitful cooperation, we hope to reach a great success together and achieve the goals we’ve set with even more passion and determination.” says capt. Bruno Crovetto.


Master Marine S.r.l. is a company established in the year 2000 after several years of experience in the industrial and shipping market and represents on exclusive basis for Italy and Monaco selected companies acting in the marine and industrial market. The company is based in Genoa, the main Italian port that is returned to be the main port of Mediterranean sea with important industrial and commercial activities and who recently has developed also an important high technology market.

More information

Keke Liu - Account manager Lagersmit

T +31 88 0216 200

Capt. Bruno Crovetto - Owner Master Marine S.r.l.

T +39 010 3291592

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