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Sabrina Peters

Blogbericht door Sabrina Peters

Sabrina Peters8-mei-2024 9:25:00< 1 min om te lezen

PINKSTEREN 2024: MAANDAG 20 mei gesloten

Maandag 20 mei zijn wij gesloten in verband met Pinksteren. Dinsdag 21 mei zijn we weer ...
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Sabrina Peters21-mrt-2024 9:38:001 min om te lezen

Almost a decade of cooperation - Lagersmit & Fehn Ship Management

One of Lagersmit’s core values is being a good friend. This means we focus on long-term ...
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Sabrina Peters11-jan-2024 0:00:002 min om te lezen

The Impact of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) on Stern Tube Systems: A Closer Look at Gard's Study

Have you come across Gard's recent study on stern tube damage? It reminded us of our 2020 ...
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Sabrina Peters21-dec-2023 10:39:003 min om te lezen

Lagersmit Sealing Solutions becomes part of The Timken Company

On December 20th 2023, The Timken Company officially acquired 100% of the shares in ...
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Sabrina Peters20-nov-2023 0:00:001 min om te lezen

IHC Sealing Solutions now operating under the name Lagersmit

Starting in December 2014, IHC Sealing Solutions will operate under the new – but also ...
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Sabrina Peters20-aug-2023 0:00:002 min om te lezen

Reducing air emissions with the Environmental Ship Index (ESI)

Environmental responsibility is growing in importance. The Vessel General Permit and ...
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Sabrina Peters20-jul-2023 0:00:002 min om te lezen

Why the Green Award is worth consideration for you as a ship owner

If you are active in the maritime branch you have probably heard of it before: the Green ...
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Sabrina Peters20-jun-2023 0:00:002 min om te lezen

The Green Award: Why and how our Supreme Ventus® air-type seal contributes

The maritime industry is paying more attention to the environment, and more and more ship ...
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Sabrina Peters20-jun-2023 0:00:002 min om te lezen

In water seal repair: requirements & preparations

In water seal repair, it sounds interesting but how does it work and what preparations ...
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Sabrina Peters20-jun-2023 0:00:001 min om te lezen

Lagersmits Liquidyne® seal added to the Shell Supplier Qualification System

Shell has a Supplier Qualification System (SQS) which is designed to collect and store ...
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